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Travel and Insurance

Travel and Insurance

As drones become more popular than before, their uses become more diverse. ZenaDrone can be helpful for both travel and insurance purposes.  

Capture Aerial Footage

For travel, ZenaDrone can capture aerial footage of a destination. This can help you better understand what the area looks like and whether it is right for you. It captures footage of your journey, which can be a fun way to remember your trip. 

Insurance Claims for Travel And Insurance

Drones can be helpful for insurance purposes. For example, if you need to claim after a car accident, having drone footage of the scene can help make your case stronger.  


Accurate Documentation

ZenaDrone can document damage after a natural disaster. This can be helpful when filing a claim with your insurance company. 

Built-in GPS & Return Feature

It comes with built-in GPS and return-to-home features that make flying them more manageable and safer.

Remote Control Travel And Insurance

ZenaDrone can be controlled remotely. This feature allows the user to control the drone from a distance and manage it according to their needs. This is beneficial for surveying vast lands and dangerous terrains capturing accurate data safely.

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