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Introducing the ZenaDrone 1000, an advanced unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with heavy-lift capabilities, stable flight characteristics, and exceptional maneuverability. With extended flight time and impressive long-range capabilities, this cutting-edge drone is perfectly suited for military operations, industrial tasks, agricultural surveys, and humanitarian missions, offering a diverse range of applications to meet industry-specific requirements.

Safety takes precedence with the ZenaDrone 1000, featuring a custom power management system, emergency backup, and parachute for secure landings, ensuring reliable and secure operations even in critical scenarios. This UAV stands at the forefront of military drone technology advancements, empowering businesses and organizations with precise and efficient mission execution. Explore the limitless potential of the ZenaDrone 1000 and unlock new horizons in the world of unmanned aerial vehicles.

ZenaDrone 1000 Total Autonomous Drone Surveillance, Inspection, and Monitoring Solution

The ZenaDrone 1000 is a cutting-edge drone that combines innovative software technology and custom hardware components, catering to diverse industries such as construction, agriculture, surveillance, search and rescue, and environmental inspection.


Autonomous Aerial Surveillance


Smart Multispectral Sensors


Intelligent Flight Modes




4K Videos


Stabilized Camera


4K Videos


Smart Multispectral Sensors


Intelligent Flight Modes


Stabilized Camera


Long-Lasting Battery


Autonomous Aerial Surveillance

Drone Embodiments

ZenaDrone Hardware Components

The ZenaDrone 1000

ZenaDrone 1000 is an intelligent unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that incorporates machine learning software and artificial intelligence (AI). It was created to revolutionize the farming sector and later evolved into a multi-functional industrial smart drone. It aims to provide the public and private organizations with complete drone service solutions, especially in the Military and Police aerial scanning and surveillance operations.

ZenaDrone Industries

We offer an extensive range of drone services tailored to various sectors across industries, perfectly suited to each organization's business operations. Our expertise allows us to customize the ZenaDrone 1000, attachments and its components to meet the precise specifications of each company's drone innovation needs.

Speak With Our Team

Take advantage of the ZenaDrone smart industrial surveillance solutions. Please include your contact information and a brief description of your inquiry. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Drone as a Service

ZenaDrone is enhancing its ecosystem to offer flexible options for businesses seeking scanning and surveillance capabilities. You can now choose to purchase the drone outright, rent it for a specific period, or become a subscriber to our service and share costs with other entities in your area. Our team of expert drone engineers and pilots will support your mission from start to finish, ensuring a seamless and productive experience for data collection, image and video capture, and general land surveying.
Contact us today and schedule a field scanning session.

ZenaDrone Features

Octocopter Drone

ZenaDrone 1000 has 8 Rotors giving the drone greater lift, stability, and maneuverability.

VTOL Flight Mode

ZenaDrone boasts VTOL capability, steady hovering, requiring minimal footprint for take-off.

Carbon Fiber Body

ZenaDrone 1000 is constructed with a durable frame, body, and mounting plates made of resilient composite carbon fiber, ensuring a long-lasting drone.

Automatic Charging

ZenaDrone 1000’s plant tracking technology uses sensors to detect its charging pad, lands and starts the charge cycle automatically.

Scanning and Detection

Monitor, track, and scan objects, people, places, and animals using its 4k camera and multispectral imaging.

Extended Flight Time

Rechargeable or replaceable long-lasting battery for extended and uninterrupted flight time.

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