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To address the exclusive needs of the world’s greatest complex industrial environments. ZenaDrone has manufactured up a completely automated stage that is completely automated, industrial grade, on-demand and multi-purpose. ZenaDrone features comprise a stabilized camera, intelligent sensor, intelligent flight modes and obstacle avoidance inside an innovative folding design. The ZenaDrone is a light weighted smallest flying camera that can capture 4k videos and high megapixel photos and is proficient of both active tracks and Tap Fly making complex shots effortless. It offers a long-lasting battery so there is no interruption occur during flight. Our flying and camera stabilization systems redefine camera placement and motion. The ZenaDrone is designed for multipurpose uses in various industries...







Weather prediction

Emergency Services

Property Management

Warehousing and Inventory

Architecture and construction

Environmental monitoring and conservation

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January 10, 2020, ZenaDrone successfully completes its first flight test
March 2, 2020, ZenaDrone successfully Auto-take offs and auto-lands
April 12, 2020, ZenaDrone successfully completes Mission Flight Test

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