Cultivate High-Yielding
Hemp Farms

ZenaDrone Intelligent Drone Technology with Artificial Intelligence(AI)
and Machine Learning Software System



Produce the Purest Quality
of CBD Oil Extracts

Smart Farming Drone with Multi-spectral Sensors and 4K Camera to
Capture Vivid Videos and Images



Field Scanning and Terrain
Mapping Capabilities

ZenaDrone Field Scanning and Terrain Mapping Capabilities provide
Complete and Accurate Real-Time Data



Intelligent Flight Modes and
Longer Air Time

Programmable Flight Routes and Long-lasting Battery to
Cover Acres of Farm Fields


Multi-Functional Agricultural Drone for Hemp Farm Optimization

Stabilized Camera

Reduce blurriness of videos and images when shooting a video or taking a photo. The stabilized camera takes care of the angular and continuous shakiness of drone motion.

Intelligent Sensors

ZenaDrone has multispectral sensors that can indicate temperature, light, wind direction, and depth to map terrains. Object detection sensor uses machine learning systems to capture accurate field data.

Intelligent Flight Modes

ZenaDrone can hover steadily, take off and land vertically even during rough winds. It requires less horizontal space to launch and can be programmed to fly on regular schedules.

Hemp Farming AI

ZenaDrone scans the field daily at scheduled periods and provides plant images, videos, and details through its multispectral sensors. It tags male plants, dying plants, and critical areas in the field.

4K Videos

ZenaDrone uses 4K videos to provide highly-detailed, clean-looking, and crisp video quality. It has a wide-angle camera to cover extensive views.

Long-Lasting Battery

ZenaDrone has a built-in, long-lasting battery for extended and uninterrupted flight time.

About Us

ZenaDrone 1000 is the newly upgraded version

of the previous ZenaDrone plant tracking technology. ZenaDrone is an intelligent unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with machine learning software and artificial intelligence (AI) integration. It is specially made to revolutionize the hemp farming industry.


  • Agriculture and Farm Plantations
  • Travel and Insurance
  • Shipment and Delivery
  • Weather prediction
  • Property Management
  • Architecture and Construction
  • Media Coverage

Hemp Farm Data Capture

ZenaDrone intelligent agricultural drone provides the farmers with comprehensive and accurate data to save hemp crops, save on costs, time, and energy. The ZenaDrone can follow regular flight routes to scan the fields daily, send critical data to the web application, and secure in a cloud storage infrastructure.

Farmers can use these data to make actionable plans and informed decisions on optimizing their hemp farms.


Terrain Scanning and Mapping

Built with a high-resolution camera and multispectral sensors, the ZenaDrone can indicate plant health, tag male hemp plants, measure sunlight absorption. It can assess plant stress levels, gauge wind force, humidity, and determine general farm health.


ZenaDrone Features

OctaCopter Drone

ZenaDrone has eight (8) propellers that provide greater lift, enable it to move faster, and allow greater stability while in the air.

VTOL Flight Mode

ZenaDrone is capable of vertical take off and landing (VTOL), can hover steadily, and requires less horizontal space to launch.

Carbon Fiber Body

ZenaDrone’s frame, body, and mounting plates consist of robust composite carbon fiber for a durable drone.

Automatic Charging

ZenaDrone plant tracking technology uses a wireless charging pad that detects the source of power automatically.

Plant Disease Detection

ZenaDrone can monitor plant health and potential problems using its multispectral sensors.

Extended Flight Battery

ZenaDrone has a built-in and long-lasting battery for extended and uninterrupted flight time.

Drone Embodiments

ZenaDrone Hardware Components


Your Smart Assistant in Producing High-Value Hemp Products


ZenaDrone is proven and tested by Greenheart CBD, a multi-awarded company producer of premium quality CBD Oil products in Ireland. It is the first verified AI-powered agricultural drone that has produced outstanding results in the hemp farming industry.


ZenaDrone unmanned aerial vehicle is integrated with software applications and multispectral sensors capable of plant tracking, land terrain mapping, sunlight detection, and data capture using its high definition 4K camera. Using the collected data, farmers can optimize their fields to predict the following yield outcome and determine gains and losses.


ZenaDrone Test Flight

The first production prototype of ZenaDrone while doing field testing.
The first test flight of the production prototype of ZenaDrone while doing field testing.
The successful mission flight test using ZenaDrone with integrated AI and machine learning software solution on field.
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