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Emergency Services

Emergencies require immediate actions because every minute can be a difference between life and death. These can be burning buildings, crimes, natural disasters, or stranded people in flooded areas. Emergency responders need insights into the situations before taking action to make appropriate decisions. Here are some of the beneficial features of ZenaDrone for emergency services: 

Multispectral Sensors to Detect Hidden People

ZenaDrone 1000 has thermal imaging and infrared features to detect human body heat. It is easier to locate people in need or hidden criminals. The UAV scans the area without attracting unnecessary attention, making it the perfect way to capture crime offenders and rescue anyone lost or in danger. 

Drone Emergency Services

Easy To Deploy Thus Saving Time for The Rescue Teams

UAVs are easy to set up and deploy. They will arrive at the location in no time and alert emergency responders about the incidents. This makes any response quicker and smoother.  

Gathers Accurate Data and Reports to Warn People in Case of Aftershocks

ZenaDrone 1000 has multispectral sensors to detect possible aftershocks after an earthquake and typhoon. This way, the rescuers can inform people to evacuate and be alert within and near areas.  

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