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Industrial Zoning

What is Industrial Zoning?

For any transaction involving any piece of real estate, industrial zoning is essential. Portions of land have specific purposes; thus, commercial, and industrial real estate properties are strictly government-regulated.


Residential, commercial, and industrial lands are divided into zones where classifications of activities are limited to a particular zone. Hence, industrial zoning involving various enterprises is given land for business purposes. industrial zones includes how much noise an establishment produces, environmental concerns, and the land area that the structures occupy.


Seeking the help of a commercial law attorney will help your business make sense of the requirements for documentation and represent your business’ best interest during this time.

How can Zenadrone 1000 help in surveying lands for industrial use?

The Zenadrone 1000 performs an aerial drone survey, a critical task in identifying industrial zones for new manufacturing and production enterprises. With multispectral sensors, high-definition cameras, ample data storage, and GPS tagging capabilities, drones can survey vast lands using 3D mapping and geotagging features.


These 3D terrain mapping and field scanning functions provide accurate and factual information about the topographic makeup of the ground. They can capture images and videos of the vegetation, building roofs, railroads, roads, or challenging to reach areas.

Aviation Regulations and Compliance

The utilization of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in commercial applications significantly impacts many industries, changing how people think and appreciate drones in our daily lives.


However, there are regulations from the Civil Aviation Authority that limit drones in certain zones. When flying drones, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that off-limit or no-fly zones are safe, well-protected, and kept private. Hence, complying with the essential requirements and specifications will help the industrial zoning efforts of the city.

Why are Drones for Industrial Zoning?

When new and emerging technologies emerge, it significantly affects the economy, society, and the community. During the last few decades, many drones and robotic planes have been made for military and civilian use because they can keep an eye on things at a low cost.

Thus, the government regulates these activities since drones risk injuring the public when it crashes, although very rarely happening, in populated areas.

The Impact of ZenaDrone 1000 on Society

Many civilians fear for their safety and privacy when drones are deployed overhead. The aviation authorities and the federal government have laid down ground rules to all drone enthusiasts, private and public utilization of drone technology.


People have the right to be safe and not be harmed, which most countries’ constitutions protect. Drones’ usage in civilian airspace has caused some people to be concerned about both the technology and the person using it. Battery life, lift capacity, airworthiness, and reliability of the drones are the main things people are worried about regarding drone technology in industrial zones. 

How ZenaDrone 1000 Helps with Industrial Zoning

ZenaDrone 1000 has features fit to match the requirements for industrial zoning. ZenaDrone 1000 supports multiple industries and is a reliable innovation to help seamlessly operate organizational processes.

Field Tested

ZenaDrone is deployed at the world’s most extensive mining industry, oil and gas, utilities, and energy companies.


We are working with the aviation authorities to comply with their requisites. Several enterprises trust and deploy our UAV technology worldwide, critical for optimal business success rate.


Our AI-powered solution goes beyond data collecting to provide real-time actionable alerts, insights, and reports. It can recognize already available data and tag it in its system. It can be pre-programmed for recurring or repetitive flight missions.

Durable Carbon Fiber Drone Body and Propeller Coating

The Zenadrone 1000 can take pictures and videos of places where people work. Zenadrone is covered in a robust carbon fiber coating that can withstand severe weather, cold, heat, and crashes with cost-effective off-the-shelf parts available in the market.

Intelligent Flight Modes for Less Space Area

There are places where the ZenaDrone 1000 cannot go. It can land and take off vertically, taking less space for the drone to leave the ground.

Stabilized Camera Imaging

The Zenadrone 1000 can capture clear and vivid photos and videos with reduced blurriness and pixelation of captured industrial zone with reinforced camera stabilization.

Long-lasting Li-Po Battery for Extended Uninterrupted Flight Time

The Zenadrone 1000 has a lithium polymer battery that makes it last longer in the air. It allows for longer, uninterrupted aerial surveillance of multiple industrial zones in one flight session.

Learn more about ZenaDrone 1000 technology for industrial zoning. Contact us today!

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