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Agriculture and Farm Plantations

Provide Aerial Views of Farmlands

Farming represents a vital part of the economy in most countries. It provides unrestricted remote access to farmers to monitor their field areas by implementing our solution. However, it can be a challenging and expensive process to farm utilizing traditional methods.

ZenaDrone offers various solutions, features, and functionalities to streamline  agriculture and farm plantations processes by farm drones:

Monitor and Map Plant Health

Detect the near-infrared reflectance of plants using overlays generated by conventional RGB cameras (VARI) and multispectral camera systems. It can detect early plant stress invisible to the naked eye before decreasing harvest yield. 

Scout and Locate Diseased Crops

ZenaDrone 1000 generates a comprehensive map to locate affected areas to remove the disease before propagating to healthy plants. 

To categorize specific plant diseases,ZenaDrone 1000 goes beyond NDVI-based plant health. It uses AI to make low-altitude drone flights conceivable and features multispectral cameras to improve detection performance. 

Benchmark Growth Rate

With ZenaDrone’s AI-based plant tracking and growth rate farm drones, you can detect growth retardation, benchmark yield, and phenotype plants. 

Plant Counting in Farm and Agriculture plantation

ZenaDrone’s deep learning AI has been programmed to recognize and count certain species of plants. Managers and farmers must measure plants and weeds individually, monitor plant growth, and improve harvest yield. 

Maps Interaction

Your entire team can use ZenaDrone’s  farm drones interactive farm maps with image-based intelligence to organize the workforce, simplify spraying, and assess experiments. 

Create Surface Models

Improve irrigated agriculture judgments by acknowledging where water is flowing by using efficient surface models that track the 3D topography of your field. 

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