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Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy industries like solar, hydrogen, hydroelectric, and biomass energy sectors depend highly on maintenance and proper inspections to continuously provide power. However, those inspections require considerable money and time to perform. All those tedious work and expenses are virtually eliminated with an unmanned aerial vehicle.  

Provide More Accurate Data

ZenaDrone 1000 captures data with 99% accuracy. The thing with drone information is that it is non-replicable by manual data gathering. Moreover, it captures high-definition images with more detailed and close-up imagery that can help the analysis of possible faults and can provide better solutions.


Improve Efficiency in Renewable Energy

ZenaDrone 1000 does what human inspectors are challenging to perform. UAVs can survey hard-to-reach areas and can be deployed in just minutes. 

Fewer Inspection Hours

Usually, inspections take days or weeks and require a lengthy process to get approval. Today, drones efficiently survey the immense field and complex plant for only hours. With less inspection time, engineers and managers can focus more on the data gathered and derive the right solution immediately. Additionally, it tremendously cut down on inspection costs and will enable them to produce reports and results faster. 

Integrated With AI To Make the Inspection Process More Autonomous

ZenaDrone 1000 is integrated with artificial intelligence (AI), making the process easier to scale operations and advance future projects.  

Trusted by Industry Leaders

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