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Environmental Monitoring and Conservation

Environmental Monitoring Drone Camera and Conservation

Drone camera in drones technology are helping environmental conservation by monitoring and giving real-time and valuable information about our flora and fauna. Here’s how ZenaDrone 1000 can help our natural environment: 

Drone Camera and Oceans

Many fishing companies overfish in our oceans and seas, leading to abuse and polluted water resources. That is why the government decided to prohibit fishing on these waters in specified periods to allow fish recovery. But to completely secure them, they need a UAV camera drone to guard and ensure that no one will break the prohibitions. UAV technology like ZenaDrone 1000 is the perfect tool to do that. Unlike humans, it can monitor the specific areas around the clock capturing vivid videos and images of any potential trespassers sailing in and out of the restricted area. 


Preventing Illegal Loggers and Possible Deforestation

Guarding forests 24/7 is expensive, time-consuming, and risky. ZenaDrone 1000 is the solution that can scan wide-range areas efficiently with just one charge. ZenaDrone can detect people who try trespassing in the forest for logging and detects heat signatures emitting from possible forest fires.  

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