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Architecture and Construction

Aerial surveillance covers essential points in the architecture and construction industry. Construction companies can leverage their services on the top of the competition, improve reputation, and place business at the forefront of their perspective clients’ minds. However, using the usual camera for taking films may be unsuitable for gigantic and multi-story architectures.

ZenaDrone 1000 can do just that. It has the right features and functions, making it the perfect tool for taking long films and thousands of images for uninterrupted recordings.

Intelligent Flight Modes for Less Space Area

ZenaDrone 1000 can hover steadily, take off, and land even during intense winds. The UAV can survey large towers, infrastructures, and even complex architectures compared to ordinary film cameras. Moreover, it only needs less horizontal space to launch and can be programmed to fly on regular schedules.

4k Camera for High-Definition Video Recordings

ZenaDrone  captures clear images and videos. With its 4k camera, even the smallest part of architecture can be seen. Additionally, its wide-angle camera makes it an ideal tool for capturing colossal buildings and structures.

Stabilized Camera for Architecture and Construction

ZenaDrone 1000 can fly stably even during a windy day. During the coverage, it can produce clear video recordings and photos. Since stabilizers support the camera, you do not have to worry about the blurriness, whether taking videos or pictures.

Fitted with Li-Po Battery for Long-Lasting Uninterrupted Flight

ZenaDrone 1000 has a built-in, Lithium Polymer battery. Even though you need to capture immense and multiple architectures, you do not have to worry that your surveillance will be interrupted.

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