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Our Back Story

ZenaDrone 1000, previously a plant tracking technology, is an intelligent unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that incorporates machine learning software and artificial intelligence (AI). It was created to revolutionize the farming sector but evolved into a multifunctional drone for different industries.

Dr. Shaun Passley, CEO and Director of ZenaDrone, Inc, teamed up with farmers in Ireland to develop ZenaDrone agricultural drone technology. They saw a need for agricultural innovation and we’re committed to using intelligent drones to help farmers produce high-quality harvest and premium products.

The ZenaDrone technology continuously adapts to the different needs of many companies requiring customization of drone attachments to meet business operation specifications.

The ZenaDrone Commitment

Our engineering and technical teams are dedicated to providing several industries with precise, accurate, and real-time aerial information. Organizations may now quickly access cloud-based data and utilize it to research and assess property asset conditions. They can optimize their lands, buildings, surveillance, weather forecasting projects, rescue missions, military operation, and evaluate industrial gains and losses.


The ZenaDrone Inc. boasts unique features and functions integrated with intelligent algorithms that can retain and recognize information input to satisfy the demand for technological innovation in various industries, including but not limited to the following: 

Field Tested

ZenaDrone is deployed at the world’s most extensive mining, oil and gas, utilities, renewable energy companies, agricultural lands, military, navy, combat, and covert aerial operations.  


Our technology is safe and trusted by regulators worldwide, critical for smooth operations in high-stress situations. We are working with aviation authorities to keep up with regulation trends.


Our AI-powered solution goes beyond data collecting to provide real-time actionable alerts, insights, and reports. 

Unparalleled Innovation

ZenaDrone’s multi-mission drone-in-a-box solutions are the most innovative and most sophisticated on the market, engineered with defense, military, industrial and corporate demands in mind.

Autonomous cycle
ZenaDrone is a self-driving drone that performs everyday field scanning, aerial surveillance chores and responds to emergencies with less human interaction.

The best possible drone service solutions
ZenaDrone’s drone-in-a-box solutions can operate at all hours of the day and night, withstanding harsh temperatures and natural conditions. You can choose any of the drone as a service (DaaS) solutions that perfectly meets your enterprise operations.

Automated insight
ZenaDrone uses computer vision and artificial intelligence to give valuable aerial visual insights in real-time and after missions, allowing you to improve your security and business operations while lowering risks and expenses.

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