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ZenaDrone 1000 is the newly upgraded version

of the previous ZenaDrone tracking innovative technology. ZenaDrone is an intelligent unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with machine learning software and artificial intelligence (AI) integration. It is specially made to revolutionize the overall industry sectors. 

The idea of ZenaDrone innovative technology sparked when ZenaPay, Inc’s CEO and Director, Dr. Shaun Passley, partnered with Greenheart CBD Co-Founder and CSO Paul Walsh, a leading CBD oil producer in Ireland. They saw the gap in agriculture farm plantation and other industries innovation and committed to resolving hemp farmers’ struggle to produce high-quality hemp harvest and create premium CBD products through intelligent drones.


An Innovative Technology - ZenaDrone Commitment

ZenaDrone is committed to providing farmers with precise, accurate, and real-time data captured on the field. Thus, farmers can easily access these cloud-based data and use them to study and analyze the field status and plant health. They can optimize their farms and predict the following yield outcome, determine gains and minimize losses.

That is why our dedicated team has designed ZenaDrone plant tracking technology with added novel features, artificial intelligence, machine learning software systems to meet the need for technological innovation in several industries, especially in the hemp industry. It is beneficial to various complex industrial environments, including:

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ZenaDrone, Inc. gives you access to more than 20 years in software innovation leadership, with world-class expertise and deep global roots, we help small and large organizations advance their progress and anticipate unique business needs.

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