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Smart Drone Technology for Revolutionizing Industries

ZenaDrone 1000 is an intelligent smart drone for commercial, industrial, and agricultural use. It is integrated with machine learning software and artificial intelligence for precise navigation. Autofitted with detachable hardware components, it is customizable to meet unique business and industrial needs.

Self-Flying Smart Drone

ZenaDrone 1000 can fly on a pre-scheduled automatic flight plan. The pilot controller can create pre-determined flight routes in the field using mobile software or by using web-based flight planning software based on all available data. 

AI for Multi-Industries

ZenaDrone’s artificial intelligence and integrated software capabilities help agriculture, real estate inspection, power grid companies, media, entertainment, search and rescue, and other industries with GPS tagging, thermal scanning, and terrain mapping functions. 

Durable Carbon Fiber Body

ZenaDrone’s portable size is fitted with foldable carbon fiber propellers for quicker speed and steadfast hovering in the air. Its body is enveloped and reinforced with durable carbon fiber wrap to resist humidity, heat, moisture, and other atmospheric impacts to the drone’s integrity. 

ZenaDrone 1000 Features

ZenaDrone has upgraded its prototype features and functionalities in its current name, the ZenaDrone 1000. Since its initial release of prototype drones, ZenaDrone has evolved into multi-industrial solutions for aerial surveillance, inspection, monitoring, and data gathering. It is the first proven AI-powered agricultural drone that has produced outstanding results in multiple business and government fields.


ZenaDrone aerial surveillance and scanning technology has added original drone features, artificial intelligence, and machine learning software systems to meet the need for technological innovation in several industries.


It is beneficial to various complex industrial environments, including but not limited to:


Octa Quad Drone

ZenaDrone has eight (8) rotors increasing lift, power, agility, and maneuverability at high rates of speed.


VTOL Flight Mode

ZenaDrone is capable of vertical take-off and landing (VTOL), can hover steadily, and requires a small footprint for launch.


Carbon Fiber Body

ZenaDrone's frame, body, and mounting plates are constructed using strong composite carbon fiber material, ensuring the drone's durability and resilience.


Automatic Charging

ZenaDrone innovative renewable energy monitoring technology uses a patent-pending wireless charging pad that allows the drone to automatically detect and land on the power source.


Geo Tagging and Thermal Detection

ZenaDrone can tag plants and predict health outcomes, detect potential problems in livestock management with its multispectral sensors. 


Extended Flight Time 

ZenaDrone has a built-in and long-lasting battery for extended and uninterrupted flight time.

Multi-Functional Intelligent Drone for Optimization of Various Industries

Stabilized Camera Imaging

Reduce the blurriness and pixelation of your captured videos and photos with the ZenaDrone 1000’s stabilized camera imaging feature. 

Intelligent Multispectral Sensors

ZenaDrone 1000 is integrated with machine learning and contains multispectral sensors that detect temperature, lighting, and depth for accurate field data.

Autonomous Aerial Surveillance Modes

ZenaDrone 1000 can automatically take off, hover, and patrol even in bad weather conditions which gives the pilot controller a better view and understanding of any land and situation.

Multi-Industrial Artificial Intelligence

ZenaDrone 1000 scans the area daily and uses multispectral sensors to capture images, videos, and relevant details on the actual land and its topographic appearances.

Smart Drone with 4K Videos

ZenaDrone 1000 produces high definition, vivid and crisp 4K videos and images. It has a wide-angle camera that can capture a comprehensive range of sights.

Extended Flight Time

ZenaDrone 1000 has a built-in, fast-charging, and long-lasting Lithium Polymer battery for extended and uninterrupted flight time.

ZenaDrone 1000

An ingenious drone innovated for various industries to perform self-sufficient inspections. ZenaDrone aims to provide efficiency, convenience, and speed in aerial surveillance, inspection, data collection, monitoring, repair, and maintenance. Its multispectral sensors support personnel safety, consistent service delivery, and accurate information. The ZenaDrone 1000 is beneficial for influential sectors like military operations, counterterrorism missions, security, sustainable farming, livestock management, real estate, film and media, search and rescue, renewable energy, environmental conservation, renewable energy, and power lines services.

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