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Better Urban planning with Comprehensive Data


ZenaDrone 1000 greatly enhances city planning for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) professionals and urban planners. With high-resolution cameras and advanced sensors, the drone enables detailed aerial mapping and 3D modeling of urban areas, providing precise data for visualization and analysis of city layouts and infrastructure. Multispectral data collection facilitates environmental analysis, including vegetation health and pollution levels. Additionally, the drone aids in infrastructure inspection, traffic analysis, and emergency response planning, making it an invaluable tool for urban planners.


Here are what smart drones like ZenaDrone 1000 can offer in city planning industries: 

Let the City be your Canvas

Accurate and Extensive Data


ZenaDrone 1000 uses drone with camera 4k to capture incredibly high-definition images and videos. It records the area in different angles, and each of them is geotagged. With such, they can create geo-referenced 3D models of the site with the help of software integration. This model can help them acquire data such as volumetric and distances calculation. Additionally, accurate 3D maps are beneficial to classify urban from rural and mapping complex parts of the urban areas.


Survey Hard-to-Reach Urban Areas Easily

ZenaDrone 1000 can vertical take-off and land (VTOL), allowing it to fly almost anywhere. Unlike manned aerial vehicles, drones drones enable surveying of inaccessible and hazardous areas without the need for surveyors to physically venture into these locations. 


Multispectral Sensors To Determine The Topographical Status

One technique required in urban planning  is determining the water supply in an area. Authorities need to ensure that the natural resource is adequate for the people living in a specific place. ZenaDrone 1000 has intelligent multispectral sensors that cam indirectly provide valuable information about underground water resources. It helps surveyors identify if the site is suitable for a particular population.


Easy To Deploy and Has Durable Body Components

ZenaDrone 1000 can quickly be deployed from its charging station. In mission mode, user predefined missions can be initiated and executed in minutes. Designed with the urban landscape in mind, the ZenaDrone employs rugged composites, layered carbon fiber, and onboard sensors capable of detecting and adapting to adverse weather conditions ensuring mission success.


Design megacities and urban zones with the ZenaDrone 1000 technology!

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