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ZenaDrone IQ Square

Introducing our latest and most innovative drone – the ZenaDrone IQ Square.
The ZenaDrone IQ Square is a cutting-edge tethered semi-autonomous UAS with advanced surveillance features. Equipped with depth cameras, interchangeable payload boasting 10X optical zoom, and thermal imaging, it opens a wide range of applications beyond surveillance, including environmental monitoring, agricultural assessment, search and rescue, aerial photography, and more.

ZenaDrone IQ Square: State-of-the-Art Indoor Drone Technology

The ZenaDrone IQ Square is designed for indoor hovering with autonomous inspection and monitoring capabilities. It features integrated sensors, and high-quality cameras. The drone's sleek and portable design ensures superior video transmission and sensing systems, providing reliable aerial visual data.

Suitable for both commercial and recreational use, the ZenaDrone IQ Square offers a wide range of applications which includes but are not limited to:

Warehouse Inspection

Drones are now prevalent in the warehouse and stock management sector. The ZenaDrone IQ Square facilitates efficient warehouse inspection from an elevated perspective, enabling data collection with precision. Its advanced sensing system enhances obstacle avoidance, ensuring safe navigation in complex environments.

Powerline Inspection

Discover the power of drone technology for close-up inspections! With the ZenaDrone IQ Square's sleek design, you can conduct in-depth powerline inspections with ease. Its compact and lightweight build allows for quick deployment, providing added convenience for your tasks. Don't miss out on the benefits of this advanced tool!

Oil and Gas Inspection

Experience the revolution in oil and gas inspection with ZenaDrone's IQ Square! Boost efficiency and accuracy while saving on inspection costs. The ZenaDrone IQ Square's advanced technology ensures precise data gathering and recording through automation. Its compact design excels in reaching tight spaces, making it the perfect choice for indoor oil and gas assessments.

Recreational Utilization

Unlock the fun with the ZenaDrone IQ Square, perfect for recreational use! Explore your surroundings from a captivating aerial perspective and snap stunning photos and videos at parties or leisurely moments. Its lightweight, carbon-fiber body ensures durability and portability, making it your go-to drone for endless enjoyment anywhere.

Experience effortless indoor flight with the ZenaDrone IQ Square. Its intuitive controls and compact size ensure smooth navigation, making it ideal for any scenario.

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