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ZenaDrone at INTERGEO 2023: Advancing UAV Technologies for Industry-Specific Applications


Berlin, Germany – ZenaDrone participated in the INTERGEO 2023, which is the biggest fair in the world for geodesy, geoinformation and land management. This event took place from October 10th to 12th at the Berlin Exhibition Centre and it showed new ideas about unmanned systems – especially UAV technologies.

“Unmanned Systems” are a new thematic area of INTERGEO this year, and ZenaDrone could not be more excited. ZenaDrone aims to change industries with smart drone technology; its mission aligns perfectly with the agenda of INTERGEO 2023 in Berlin! 

With an AI-integrated unmanned aerial vehicle such as the ZenaDrone 1000, equipped with machine learning capabilities among other features such as advanced sensors or cameras etc., ZenaDrone wants to address various challenges faced by different sectors where drones can be employed while at the same time opening doors for further creativity and effectiveness when it comes into play.

ZenaDrone presented one of its flagship drones, the ZenaDrone 1000, at the INTERGEO 2023, showcasing its application in various sectors such as farming, construction, monitoring, search and rescue as well as environmental examination. To ensure the best performance even in crucial situations, the company’s commitment to safety and dependability is demonstrated by among others; personalized power management systems, and backup systems during emergencies.


The ZenaDrone 1000 has several specific features included.

  • Field scanning and terrain mapping: The drone offers thorough, up-to-date information for tactical preparation.
  • Remote Aerial Surveillance Solutions: Extensive surveillance is made possible by adaptable flight paths and robust batteries.
  • Autonomous Inspection and Monitoring: Detailed images are captured by 4K cameras and high-resolution multispectral sensors.
  • Intelligent Drone Technology: Self-governing flight is made possible by AI and machine learning software.


More than merely an exhibition, ZenaDrone’s attendance at INTERGEO 2023 offered a sneak peek at what lies ahead for UAV technology. The capabilities of the ZenaDrone 1000 go beyond traditional applications, highlighting the need of UAVs in crucial fields like healthcare logistics and national security. With a commitment to leading innovation in these fields, ZenaDrone never stops pushing the boundaries of UAV technology.

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