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ZenaDrone 1000 Joins the 5th Military Robotics and Autonomous Systems Conference 2022 in London

The ZenaDrone team attended the 5th Military Robotics and Autonomous Systems (MRAS) conference last 6th and 7th April 2022 in London, United Kingdom. This major conference is the only event dedicated to military robotics inland. 

MRAS 2022 highlighted the discussion on uncrewed combat vehicles, enhancing autonomous capabilities, and human battlefield machine teaming. The event also gave further insights into developing and implementing autonomous ground systems from international militaries. 

Many renowned experts in autonomous and robotic technology participated in the conference. The ZenaDrone team served as one of the sponsors of the two-day event. Speakers from the UK, France, Germany, Estonia, Switzerland, Finland, Czech Republic, Israel, India, Australia, and New Zealand. 


Advantages and Benefits of Joining the MRAS 2022

Robotics and autonomous systems have become critical innovations in the military industry. With its continuous upgrade and growing addition of its features and functions, the MRAS 2022 became an outlet to spread awareness of the latest trends in unmanned systems, force generation, force planning, and future acquisition. These conversations could help military leaders and their teams comprehend the continuous expansion role of military robots and technology in today’s modern battlespace. 

Participants were able to hear the latest MRAS updates from experts from the most advanced thinking nation in military robotics and autonomous systems. It allowed commercial and non-commercial technological companies to use the event as the platform to learn about the current advancement in robotics and autonomous technologies. 

In addition, the conference also highlighted the most innovative MRAS development and integration programs and how they could affect re-shaping the forces through this emerging technology. Moreover, it helped the attendees explore land for interoperability and collaboration between the international militaries and defense industry. 


Strengthening ZenaDrone 1000 for Warfare

With the help of MRAS 2022, the ZenaDrone team has gained more information from the leading researchers, scientists, academics, and military leaders on strengthening robotics and autonomous systems, like drone technology, for the future of the military industry. 

The conference lets the participants learn about these robotics and autonomous system priorities. It includes more understanding of situational awareness, lethality, maneuverability, survivability, and sustainability during warfare. MRAS 2022 assisted commercial and non-commercial robotic companies in keeping updated and further understanding the ever-changing defense sector.


Overlook of the ZenaDrone 1000 in the Military Industry

The ZenaDrone 1000 is a flexible drone technology catering to different business industries. This drone innovation has also expanded its functionality to the combat and military defense sector. Here are some of its drone capabilities that support the said industry.


Efficient for surveillance

ZenaDrone 1000, with its high-quality camera, multispectral sensors, and long-lasting battery, can take long-distance and time-consuming inspection. It can ensure a safe space inspection from afar as this drone technology can present precise aerial imaging for a surveillance mission. 


Support for Strategy Planning

Drone technology plays a vital role in strategic defense planning and the military industry. To ensure the safety of the camaraderie, military leaders can inspect or gather information on the target with a drone. ZenaDrone 1000 can secure correct and real-time information on the target or location for effective planning. 


Advanced Situational Evaluation

Thorough situational assessment is crucial in warfare. With ZenaDrone 1000, the military team can acquire actual situational data from the ground like weather conditions, mapping of terrains, the position of the enemy, and other variables that will hinder the mission. It gives them the edge to plan and adjust their planning. Hence, it allows the team to make a necessary and educated decision to keep the force safe while ensuring mission success. 


Ensure Safe Combat Assessment

ZenaDrone 1000 helps in evaluating post-ware damages for the military groups. Deploying drones assists troops in scanning the battleground efficiently. Its multispectral sensors and a high-quality camera can capture and record detailed and reliable information and imagery of the damage done to the enemy’s base. In case of sudden conflict during the assessment, the troops are safe as they monitor the ground remotely. This visual assessment helps the force to decide on further attack or other options while securing an efficient usage of their military resources. 


Customizable Drone Features 

ZenaDrone 1000 helps prevent military missions from losing their resources and mitigate damages as much as possible. Deploying the drone supports the precise assessment and realization of critical assignments. 

The ZenaDrone 1000 has customizable drone features suitable for military missions. For instance, ZenaDrone 1000 can have attachable counter devices, such as a net contraption for counter-terrorism attacks. It can suppress the enemy’s air defense or the communication relay. Hence, it can ensure effective battleground surveillance. 



As the ZenaDrone team continuously enhances its technological solution for the military industry, the MRAS 2022 is the event and platform for strengthening proficiency and development in robotics and autonomous systems. It enables the participants to learn about the current update and latest information on the ever-evolving industry allowing them to determine how to enhance their technological solutions for the future of the defense and military sectors.