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ZenaDrone 1000 Joins the UMEX 2022 Event Conference

The UMEX 2022 was considered the fifth edition of the Unmanned System Exhibition and Conference in Abu Dhabi and the only event dedicated to robotics, drones, unmanned, and components systems.


What is the UMEX 2022 in Abu Dhabi?

This event was visibly supported by His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Crowned Prince of Abu Dhabi, and the Armed Forces Deputy Supreme Commander. The actual exhibitors reached 134 participants from 26 different countries, in addition to the seven national pavilions, and unveiled 22 modern innovations and technologies in the sector masked by the event. 

The event emphasized the position of SimTEX and UMEX as the top global platforms alluring substantial international companies specializing in unmanned aerial technologies worldwide. It highlighted ADNEC’s capability to host significant international conferences and reaffirmed its critical role in enhancing Abu Dhabi’s status as its business and tourism metropolis.

Over 26,000 domestic and international people attended the exhibit held for three days, with over 150 foreign delegations who followed. Local companies majoring in unmanned aerial systems, simulations, and training are likewise well represented, with 37 attending companies at this year’s exhibition, accounting for 29 percent of the participants. 

For the first time in recorded history of live events at these two exhibitions, the total area of interior and exterior exhibition halls extended to 26,000 square meters. This year, the two exhibitions accentuated over 15 live shows, including a new template encompassing a sequence of synchronized situations surrounding unmanned aerial and grounded systems, robotics, and AI innovations.


ZenaDrone 1000 in the UMEX 2022 Exhibit

The ZenaDrone, Inc. is an individual exhibitor located at stand 06-C21, a drone manufacturer based in the United States. ZenaDrone, Inc. creates unmanned aerial vehicles integrating high-tech AI and machine learning algorithms in security systems, military and government operations, entertainment and media, farming and cattle, sustainable sources, and other sectors.

The ZenaDrone team showcased the powerful capabilities of the ZenaDrone 1000. 

ZenaDrone has a sales office in Canada, the USA, UAE, Ireland, and Germany, and its products are manufactured in UAE and USA. 


Done Deals during the UMEX 2022

The UAE’s Defense Ministry confirmed AED 2.07 billion ($560 million) in sales during the event.

Contracts with the UAE Ministry of Defense encompass:

  • Drone systems agreement for AED 874 million ($238 million) to Abu Dhabi-based International Golden Group (IGG). Norinco of China and Baykar of Turkey are among IGG’s drone collaborators.
  • A contract for technical support services, upkeep, maintenance, and replacement parts worth AED 639 million ($174 million) with an Abu Dhabi-based corporation.
  • AED 46.643 million ($12.7 million) agreement with US defense contractor Anduril Industries for anti-drone system trials.
  • A deal of AED 26 million ($7 million) to Abu Dhabi-based Star Satellite Communications Company for a drone communications system


Why Did Several Companies Attend the UMEX 2022 Event?

Here were the reasons why several were so excited to attend the UMEX 2022 in Abu Dhabi:

  • It was the only event dedicated to components, robotics, drones, and unmanned systems in the Middle East.
  • UMEX 2022 had the Simulation and Training or SIMTEX zone
  • They could meet international and local providers of materials needed for unmanned systems on the ground (UGVs), underwater (UUvs), surface (USVs), and most especially air (UAVs)
  • Source unmanned systems technologies, vehicles, and equipment
  • There were live unmanned system demonstrations. 
  • Network with the regional Armed Forces, academia, Governments, industry peers, and Official Delegations

The Middle East region was well prepared to embrace a much more extensive and more extraordinary UMEX exhibit, with a larger spectrum that includes a Simulation and Training (SIMTEX) zone. It represented the investment and growth in the UAE and GCC nations, based on the success of the previous Unmanned Systems Exhibition and Conference in 2016, 2018, and 2020, initiated during the International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX).

UMEX and SIMTEX were well-positioned to give a competent platform for producers to encounter operators, build profitable commercial ties, and highlight the environmental, ecological, civil, and social advantages of unmanned systems and armed simulation training.

The Middle East’s major military countries had prioritized unmanned assets, resulting in a rapidly rising and highly competitive business for AVs, UAVs, USVs, and other autonomous systems.