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Broadening the Market for the ZenaDrone 1000 at the Unmanned Systems and Robotics Summit 2022 in Maryland, USA

The ZenaTech Team showcased the ZenaDrone 1000 at this year’s Unmanned Systems and Robotics Summit. The event set the bars high as it paved the way for drone advocates to explore the advantages of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (AUVs) to the military sector. Apart from that, the ZenaDrone team successfully relayed the benefits of the ZenaDrone 1000 in the military defense field.

The Summit was a breakthrough foundation for UAV trailblazers to showcase their robotic technologies. Additionally, leaders from the Department of Defense (DoD) conducted forums that can better hone their technology on the battlefield aspect. The Zenatech team reached the heights as they expounded how ZenaDrone 1000 was conducive in this area. 


Fostering Innovation and Advancements in Robotic Technologies

As Drone Technology continuously innovates throughout the years, holding a summit that can sustain innovation is essential. It allows robotic technologies to determine what needs to be improved to refine their technology. Correspondingly, robotics advancement is critical for making life easier, cleaner, healthier, and more enjoyable.

The Summit enabled robotics companies to exhibit their products, learn more from forums, and generate ideas. Similarly, it focused on providing military assistance with integrating drones in the Department of Defence (DoD) this year. With the support to enhance technical and strategic AUV refinement, the ZenaTech team took this opportunity to offer top-notch drone services in the field.


What is Unmanned Systems and Robotic Summit?

This year’s 10th Annual Systems and Robotic Summit highlighted the integration of AUVs as an asset in military domains. It was a 2-day event from March 16-17, 2022, at the National Harbor in Maryland that gathered exhibitors and leaders from various robotic-inclined sectors, exhibiting their pieces to broaden their reach. The vitality of this Summit held a significant impact on critical enablers that supports these integrations.

Bringing the ZenaDrone 1000 to drone summits allows the Zenatech Team to showcase what the technology can provide to the market and learn from other drone manufacturers and innovators.


ZenaDrone 1000: Unfolding its Top-of-the-line Features and Function

Undeniably, human-machine communication has been enhanced through artificial intelligence technology. Moreover, the increasing number of suppliers for military drones has driven the competitive market, pushing up security and defense expenditures. 

At the Summit, the Zenatech team demonstrated the ZenaDrone 1000 and how it may help the DoD meet its needs. With advanced drone features, the ZenaTech team showcased the following drone features and functions:


  • Pre Combat Assessment

ZenaDrone 1000 provides real-time and accurate information that is highly beneficial in assessing enemy tactics. It is vital to analyze the feasibility of combat operations in attaining command targets and make tactical and strategic recommendations. 


  • Post Combat Assessment

UAVs are critical for evaluating post-war wreckage to determine the efficiency of combat. ZenaDrone 1000 can quickly scan and sweep the battlefields and gain accurate data on the level of fighting damage to the enemy’s perimeter. Aerial images and video footage recordings demonstrate the military’s offensive campaigns’ success.


  • Robust Hardware

ZenaDrone 1000 has a powerful built, conducive in any situation. The drone has eight propellers, making it more sustainable to fly in any weather. It moves faster and is more stable in the air. Likewise, it has a carbon-fiber body making it exceptionally durable. Exhibiting these features makes ZenaDrone marketable to drone enthusiasts and potential investors to see how it can benefit DoD.


  • A.I. Integrated

ZenaDrone 1000 offers A.I. integration for multi-industries; you can customize it to your specific needs. With that in mind, the introduction of drones into the industry has no bounds. The Zenatech team disseminates its capabilities to a large number of drone enthusiasts and potential investors.


  • Highly Advanced Software

To better assess unforeseen situations, Zenadrone 1000 can forecast weather, conduct terrain mapping, and more situational assessment to enhance strategies and combative styles. It assists military defense on how they can maximize their means through its advanced situation assessment.


Acquiring New Knowledge through Cross Collaborations in the Summit

The ‘Town Hall’ style of the 2022 Unmanned Systems & Robotics Summit facilitated cross-collaboration and technical expertise exchange among military, government, business, and academics. The Summit also examined how robotics can alleviate military load and improve maintenance, support, and upkeep safety. The Zenatech team announced ZenaDrone 1000 to the market, showcasing how it can support these goals.

The team met with potential drone aficionados that would benefit from the integration of ZenaDrone 1000. Its cutting-edge and robust hardware and software make it leading in the market. Because ZenaDrone 1000 is highly integrative in several industries, the team did not go unnoticed in making an impression on stakeholders and drone enthusiasts alike.


Final Thoughts

The opportunity to exhibit ZenaDrone 1000 in this year’s Unmanned Systems and Robotics Summit highlighted its powerful features and functions beneficial to various sectors. It opened several doors of opportunities for innovation, refinement, and market reach. Zenatech Team successfully stepped up to excel in unmanned robotic technologies.


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