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ZenaDrone 1000 Shines at the 2023 Taiwan Aerospace Exhibition


Taipei, Taiwan – ZenaDrone continues to take the global stage with its recent showcase at the Taipei Aerospace & Defense Technology Exhibition (TADTE) 2023 last September 13. The unveiling of the ZenaDrone 1000 aims to increase partnerships and collaborations across Taiwan and the US with drone technology perfect for multi-industrial applications.

The exhibition was attended by ZenaDrone CEO Shaun Passley, Ph.D., as well as ZenaDrone’s Operations Manager, Sajjad Asif, who presented its application and collaboration opportunities as an AI-powered drone. 

“There are several government contract opportunities we are working towards and resolving the remaining issues by opening up a drone component sourcing and manufacturing operations in Taipei, Taiwan,” CEO Shaun Passley said in an interview.



The Taipei Aerospace & Defense Technology Exhibition is a biannual defense exhibition held in Taiwan. It is traditionally organized by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA). The Committee for Aviation and Space Industry Development (CASID), the Taiwan Aerospace Industry Association (TAIA), and the Taiwan Space Agency (TASA) also co-organize it. 

The exhibition was a three-day event during which different organizations connected and collaborated to advance the latest in aerospace technology. The event included the Supply Chain Business Matchmaking Seminar, hosted by the Taiwan-US Industrial Cooperation Promotion Office (TUSA) and the Arizona State Office in Taiwan.

The seminar aimed to connect US companies with potential partners from the international aerospace industry. The ZenaDrone team in Taiwan took the opportunity to showcase its full capabilities as a multi-industrial drone.  



ZenaDrone’s ZD1000 is an AI-driven UAV that uses sophisticated algorithms for automated piloting and AI analytics to identify potential operational issues. Its full suite of features and capabilities include:

  1. Advanced sensors – The ZD 1000 is equipped with a powerful RGB camera and onboard sensors for multispectral imaging
  2. Greater efficiency – The ZD 1000’s intuitive controls and flight systems ensure precise navigation
  3. Multi-industrial AI – Onboard AI and machine learning software make the ZD 1000 a critical asset in nearly every industry

ZenaDrone was invited to demonstrate its capabilities in North Carolina for the US Department of Defense early the following month. The team remains committed to providing the most advanced drone technology to revolutionize global supply chain operations.

To experience the full capabilities of the ZenaDrone 1000, book a demo with us today!

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