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ZenaDrone, Inc. Debuts ZenaDrone GmbH at AERO Convention 2023


Berlin, Germany, — At the AERO General Aviation Convention 2023 (AERO 2023), Epazz, Inc. (OTC: EPAZ), a major supplier of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, as well as a producer of drone innovation and AI software solutions, announced the launching of the ZenaDrone GmbH, its new subsidiary firm in Germany. This important achievement made it possible to provide live demonstrations of the cutting-edge ZenaDrone 1000 throughout NATO partners like Germany, which significantly boosted growth in these important markets.


What’s the purpose of the AERO General Aviation Convention?

AERO is the premier international trade event for business, general, and air sports aviation. A wide range of aircraft was displayed at the event, including business jets, gliders, ultralight and LSA aircraft, gyrocopters, helicopters, and touring and training aircraft powered by piston or turboprop engines. 

ZenaDrone GmbH’s launch, which comes in time for a series of drone demos that begin in Berlin on September 25th, highlights Epazz Holdings’ historic entry into European territory. The ZenaDrone team in Germany made the flight demonstrations possible in response to the German government’s demand that the corporation have a registered local entity. This action opened the door for future European collaborations and permitted direct communication with the German Aviation Authority. A Pioneer in UAV Innovation Across National Boundaries ZenaDrone GmbH is a pioneer in UAV technology. It takes great satisfaction in the novel Smart Remote Service (SRS) function included into the ZenaDrone 1000. Planning and execution of drone missions are made more efficient by this advanced capabilities, which allows for accurate and trustworthy remote control. 


ZenaDrone GmbH: A Leader in UAV Innovation

ZenaDrone GmbH is leading the way in UAV technology across national boundaries. It takes great pleasure in the ZenaDrone 1000’s cutting-edge Smart Remote Service (SRS) capability. This advanced feature makes it possible to remotely operate drone missions with accuracy and dependability, which improves planning and execution efficiency.

The ZenaDrone 1000 is a notable drone made for demanding applications, including aerial monitoring, taking pictures and videos, land surveying, and geographic mapping.

The ZD 1000 debuted at the AERO General Aviation Convention in Friedrichshafen. It will now be displayed at trade and technology shows across NATO member nations, showcasing its capabilities.

One special feature that is exclusive to ZenaDrone technology is the Smart Remote Service (SRS), which makes it easier to manage complicated missions with ease. With the use of this service feature, drone operators may instantly modify fly routes, keep an eye on drone status in real time, and control data collection, all of which contribute to precise aerial coverage and improved data collecting.

In addition, the system has a dependable return-to-home feature, obstacle avoidance, and emergency vertical landing support. The ZenaDrone 1000 incorporates a complete hardware ensemble made up of accelerometers, gyroscopes, and barometers to ensure stability and safety in a variety of scenarios.

This cutting-edge technology strengthens Epazz Holdings’ position as a pioneer in providing high-tech solutions in Europe and beyond by showcasing ZenaDrone’s passion and dedication to aerial innovation and its capacity to satisfy the changing needs of global industries.

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