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ZenaDrone Secures Coveted Invite to Bid at Defense Department’s Thunderstorm 23-5 Event


Red Springs, North Carolina—ZenaDrone Inc., a pioneer in drone technology and logistical solutions, said today that it has received an official invitation to take part in the Department of Defense’s (DoD) highly competitive Thunderstorm 23-5 demonstration. This illustrious occasion, which is scheduled to occur in Red Springs, North Carolina, from October 23 to October 27, 2023, presents a noteworthy chance for ZenaDrone to showcase its innovative technology designed to improve casualty and medical logistics.

Thunderstorm 23-5, often referred to as “Golden Window,” is an exclusive technology showcase that provides a collaborative, hands-on setting for government end users to explore cutting-edge capabilities. The goal of the event is to accelerate the maturation and integration of new technologies that address critical needs in medical and casualty care logistics. It is sponsored and organized by the Innovation & Modernization (I&M) office within the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering (OUSD(R&E)). 

Thunderstorm 23-5 invited cutting-edge technologies that can lessen logistical difficulties, with a focus on solutions that alleviate challenges related with providing timely and effective care under extreme weather and over extensive distances. 

The DoD is particularly looking for improvements that will shorten the critical window for evacuating victims from the field, facilitate the supply of medical supplies to injury sites quickly, provide tactical combat casualty treatment remotely, or speed up the evacuation of casualties. 

Leading the drone business, ZenaDrone is developing advanced technologies that facilitate the prompt and efficient delivery of medical supplies and aid in the evacuation of victims from challenging and remote locations. The company’s commitment to supporting the Department of Defense and related organizations in enhancing medical interventions and rescue operations in conflict zones is demonstrated by its participation in Thunderstorm 23-5.

The CEO and director of ZenaDrone, Dr. Shaun Passley, thanked Thunderstorm 23-5 for the invitation and saw the event as an important platform to showcase the cutting-edge solutions his company has developed for emergency response and healthcare. 

The ZenaDrone team expressed how excited they were to get in touch with government representatives and other industry leaders in order to seek joint ventures and feedback in order to change the way that combat medical support is provided. This event was not only a turning point in ZenaDrone’s history, but it also served as a reminder of the growing importance of UAVs in improving medical supply chains and national defense. 

ZenaDrone is dedicated to promoting advancements in these crucial fields and is persistently pursuing innovation and quality.

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