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ZenaDrone Team Attends Indonesia Drone Expo '23


The ZenaDrone (ZD) team attended the Indonesia Drone Expo (IDE) from August 10 to 12, 2023. The event showcased various drone products with different solutions and applications, including UAV, UGV, USV, and UUV. 

IDE 2023 highlights “Drone Solutions for Industrial Competitiveness,” covering different industries, such as defense and security, search and rescue, agriculture, etc. The ZD Team connected with leading influencers in the industry during the event. 


Introducing Indonesia Drone Expo 2023

IDE 2023 is an event organized by the Unmanned Systems and Technology Association of Indonesia (ASTTA) at the Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran. With over 10,000 attendees and 200 exhibitors, the ZD team was one of the attendees. 

The event aims to support the industry and allow different drone companies to present their products and services. It allowed drone companies to present their use cases, which will guide several sectors and entities in realizing how their drone products can bring competitive advantages. ZD team is one of the many professionals who widened their network by connecting and making business deals. 

Some events that made IDE 2023 successful were exhibitions, conferences, seminars, and workshops for the participants. Drone companies were also there for business meetings, forums, and matches; some were even for MoU Signing. 


ZenaDrone and Its Comprehensive Usage

The event aims to promote drone technology for various industries, and the ZenaDrone 1000 and its wide range of applications complement the event. 

ZD 1000 and its AI solution for multiple industries can make several aerial tasks faster and more efficient than any other drone. ZenaDrone used to be known as an excellent aid for the agriculture industry. Over time, the drone has become more comprehensive. He caters to sectors like real estate inspections, power grid activities, search and rescue operations, and entertainment. 

ZenaDrone and the team aim to widen its technological solution so that more industries and aerial operations can experience it. The IDE 2023 platform allows the team to further understand the capability and potential of their drones in the continuously growing drone community. Lastly, the event enables the ZD team to connect and promote while gathering more info on how to strengthen their drone applications. It is also an opportunity for the team to spread their worldwide drone service.

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