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Drohnen-Services (DaaS)

ZenaDrone bietet vielseitige Drohnenüberwachungslösungen, die durch Flexibilität und Zweckmäßigkeit gekennzeichnet sind. Entdecken Sie unsere ZenaDrone Monitoring- und Feldscan-Services, die über ein Abonnement zur Verfügung gestellt werden. Profitieren Sie von der Möglichkeit, Scan-Dienste so oft wie nötig in Anspruch zu nehmen und wählen Sie genau diejenigen Drohnen-Dienste aus, die auf Ihre betrieblichen Anforderungen zugeschnitten sind. Ihre Vision, Ihre Bedingungen, mit ZenaDrone. 

Field Scanning Service

ZenaDrone’s field scanning services harness advanced drone technologies such as LiDAR, GPS tracking, multispectral sensors, and high-definition cameras to meticulously collect data, tag key points, and create elevation-based topography. This comprehensive approach proves particularly invaluable for sectors like military, police, and national security operations. ZenaDrone not only revolutionizes data collection but empowers strategic decision-making, offering a distinct edge in critical operations.

Multispectral Imaging 

ZenaDrone incorporates the use of powerful scanning technologies including multispectral  scanners. These tools offer businesses a transformative edge by capturing data across various light wavelengths, providing insights beyond human perception. In agriculture, they optimize crop health, detect pests, and manage soil moisture. Environmental monitoring benefits from tracking changes in vegetation and water bodies. Forestry gains accurate assessments, mining benefits in mineral exploration, and remote sensing aids in GIS and urban planning. Multispectral data also aids water quality management, urban planning, archaeology, energy infrastructure monitoring, and more, empowering businesses with precise information for efficient decision-making and sustainable practices across diverse sectors. 

Building Inspections

The ZenaDrone 1000 revolutionizes visual inspections of buildings and towers by capturing data that translates into immersive 3D footage. This drone service significantly mitigates workforce hazards, especially during inspections of cellphone towers, power grids, and perilous terrains, such as those encountered in security intelligence and surveillance operations.

Benefits of ZenaDrone as a Service

  • Maximize resources
  • Efficient cost expenditure
  • Priority access to Local and Federal Government
  • Profit-sharing and Franchise
  • Direct drone manufacturer
  • Accommodates large organizations for multiple drone operations
  • Working with Aviation Authorities

Drone as a Service - Key Industries

  • Agriculture 
    Farm and crop monitoring and tracking using drone functionalities Fruit production, pestilence protection, and harvest maximization.
  • Powerline
    Efficient visual inspection of high-power grids, poles, and powerlines Customizable attachments allow robotic arms for repair and maintenance.
  • Security
    Surveillance outfitted for any military industry or police branch Gathering intelligence, scanning terrains, GPS location tagging Thermal scanning, counterterrorism contraptions, logistics.

Drone Integration with Other SaaS Solutions

WorkAware occupational safety management software automates your business forms, secures your teams, tracks remote workers, assists in complying with OSHA standards, and many more. Its geospatial mapping tool allows you to tag company assets and resources accurately.

  • ZenaDrone integrates with WorkAware’s Geo Info Systems, tagging places, vehicles, equipment, and persons.

Tillerstack is a field service management software that offers efficient, flexible, and optimized features to service-based companies helping them achieve effective field dispatch and work order management.

  • ZenaDrone works with the Slim Virtual Reality Glasses from Epazz, Inc helps support field technicians in order processing on site.
  • The backend experts can use ZenaDrone’s HD camera with augmented reality glasses as it overlays real-world objects.
  • ZenaDrone and VR glasses assist field technicians in complex facility repair and maintenance.

PacePlus delivers incorporated and qualified electronic health records covering practice management software, e-prescribing software, mobile EHR solutions, a healthcare portal, practice stats tracking, and communication choices to suit an extensive range of specialties.

ZenaDrone Inc attachments can be customized, including attaching robotic hands. The doctor can perform basic tasks using the robotic arm, such as holding/moving equipment and operating machinery. The procedure is possible with PacePlus healthcare software integration.


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