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Search Drones for Lost Cattle

Search and Rescue of Lost or Missing Animals

Recently, drones in livestock played a significant role in keeping animals healthy, safe, and accounted for. The different uses of search drones in livestock management include overseeing and managing ranches. Most importantly, it helps search for lost or missing animals.

Securing Ranch Fencing

Animals usually roam around the ranch and may reach the perimeter fence. If there is an unchecked opening or damage in the fence passable enough, these animals may pass through them and get as far as wooded areas, dangerous terrain, or other property.

ZenaDrone 1000 has a high-quality and wide-scope camera that helps farmers ensure the fences are intact and strong enough to provide boundaries for the cattle’s area.

Searching Lost Cattle with ZenaDrone 1000

The ZenaDrone system consists of artificial intelligence, machine learning software integration, GPS tagging, and a thermal scanner. These features can accurately locate lost animals. It can also help monitor their health conditions through a GPS tagging system. In case of theft or natural disasters like wildfires or floods, drone technology can quickly search acres of land for lost or stolen animals. ZenaDrone 1000 also helps save time finding a stray animal or detecting injuries and wounds. It helps minimize the need for feet on the ground and quickly obtains all necessary information to manage livestock. Collecting complete and relevant data with less labor is possible with a modern and feature-rich drone at hand. Interested to know more about the ZenaDrone 1000 capabilities?

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